Face to face with the ‘5 Year Plan’

I am unapologetic about not being a planner. Throughout my 40 years of experience on this planet, I have prided myself on my ability to fly through life by the seat of my pants. That was before I simultaneously became a homeowner and new parent four years ago. Those are two big life decisions I willfully put off for years, happening all at once. Barely five years into being a first time home-owner and parent I now find myself face to face with ‘the five year plan’. For someone who has (up until now) moved through life according to the phrase “Life is what’s happening when you’re busy making other plans”, I’ve never been comfortable with the five year plan…

Last night, however, while I was about to drift into sleep, my partner nudged me and quietly asked me if I liked our house. That simple yes or no question switched my brain on faster than a click of a mouse would a computer screen in sleep mode, pushing me into a swirling rabbit hole of latent future scenarios and effectively ending any chance of actually getting a good night’s sleep. When my brain finally landed on solid ground, I was left with the uncomfortably inconclusive answer of “I like my house now, but maybe not in five years?”

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