How A Designer Can Help Plan My Home Remodel within my Budget

Swedish Minimalist Kitchen with Baltic Birch Cabinetry and Soapstone Counter.

Should I Hire a designer For My Home Remodel? Paying for dedicated design services will help you establish a firm design direction for your project and ensure that the end result lines up with your vision. A design consultant works closely with you to determine a style direction through one on one meetings and reflecting […]

Bathroom Countertop Materials: A Comprehensive Comparison

bathroom countertop material

Planning a bathroom redesign can be an exciting process, as it allows you to customize each element of the room. Modern bathroom decor enables homeowners to express their personal design style in multiple ways. So, there are many choices homeowners must make as they envision their new bathroom. Regardless of the decor style you decide […]

Should I manage my home remodel on my own to save money

So you are planning a remodel or addition and are wondering about whether you should try to manage your building project on your own to save money. There are a lot of web articles on the internet that tout how to save money by self-managing your build and give you all kinds of advice on […]

Home renos build a better budget

The more details you are able to iron out early on in the project planning process, the less likely your project will be to balloon out of control. To build a better budget blueprint, you should have a good understanding of the realities and circumstances that affect building project costs. You will gain this knowledge […]

We are growing out of our home should we build an addition or sell

SHOULD WE INVEST IN AN ADDITION OR MOVE OUT? I am unapologetic about not being a planner. Throughout my 40 years of experience on this planet, I have prided myself on my ability to fly through life by the seat of my pants. That was before I became a homeowner and new parent four years […]

Winter is here. hunker down in the bunker!

At this very moment of writing, the snowfall that has descended upon the prairies is here to stay, signaling the inevitable- Winter is here! Outdoor projects have drawn to a close and the ground has now frozen pushing any plans for building additions until next Spring. And this year, the cloud of Co-Vid 19 hangs […]