your time is valuable and so is your well-being.

Designing and building a new space is tough. It takes a lot of time and planning and can feel like an up-hill battle when things don’t go the way you planned. When you put your trust in us you gain an ally, someone who understands the realities of the building process and guides you every step of the way. Because better decisions are made when you have support and peace of mind.

With Design-Builds, the building contractor and designer are on the same team, eliminating the frustration that happens when the final design doesn’t align with the realities of the building process. You are leaving the time consuming act of managing your project in the hands of a knowledgeable team with experience executing building projects, on time and on budget.

A dedicated project manager and designer will work with you and keep you informed throughout the building process to ensure your project is completed as quickly as possible and within your budget.

Prices For our Design Services:

The price guide is intended to give you an idea of prices for our design services. A final price specific to your project goals will be given to you during our initial consultation.

Project TypeService Price
Residential Decks$500-$1000
Bathroom Remodel$500-$1000
Kitchen Remodel$1500-$2500
Basement Remodel$1500-$2500
Entire Home Remodel$2500-$4500
New Home Build$5000-$10,000
Commercial Fit-Out$2500-$5,000
*Price guides are based on design services only, fee will be applied against full project price on contract signing

With our Design-Builds, you can expect:

  • Regular meetings with a designer and project manager (meetings can occur over the phone, virtually, or in-person)
  • Concept design development, detailed floor plans, 3D renderings
  • Construction plans (engineering and architectural stamps are priced separately on per project basis)


1. Getting to Know You…

Consider this our first date! An open, two-way interview process to determine if what we have to offer lines up with your goals. During this process, we try to get to know your basic needs, deepest desires and frustrations. We use those as guideposts to steer our design ideas as we measure and analyze your space. When you’re ready to move to the next step, it’s our hope that we are in a position of trust and have set-up a flowing dialogue with you.

how we break the ice:
  • On-site meeting and design consultation (up to 2 hours)
  • Initial design concept (layout) based on the information gathered from our meeting.


Once we’ve built a foundation of trust, this is where the fun begins! And, with any good relationship, the discovery phase should be fun. You will have regular meetings with our designer as we research and develop the ideas we gathered during the on-site consultation with you.

  • Concept design development
  • 3D renderings of final design concept
  • Detailed construction layout(s)
  • Full project scope and building estimate

3. The Commitment…

When you are happy with the final design and comfortable with the full project scope that we’ve laid out for you, we will move forward into the building phase and begin creating your dream space. When you sign the building contract, the fees you already paid for our design services will be applied against the final project price.

  • Applying for permits on your behalf
  • Ordering building materials
  • Organizing sub-trades, planning and executing the build.